English Language Learners

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Mrs. Danley and Mrs. Martinez are the ESL instructors for the North Hanover School District

The goal of the North Hanover ESL program is to ensure that English Language Learners develop language skills necessary to be successful members of society. Our school district is committed to providing students with a structured ESL program to meet their academic goals.  

ESL Program Objectives:
♦ to nurture self-pride and self-identify in each students' linguistic and cultural heritage 
♦ to help our ELLs attain grade level standards and necessary life skills
♦ to assist students in achieving academic success in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
♦ to reach proficiency in all content areas by using skills and strategies to comprehend academic vocabulary 
♦ to encourage lifelong learning

My Philosophy
We believe that each and every child is a unique individual that can grow in all aspects of life.  It is our desire as educators to act as a guide in allowing students to be successful to the best of their ability and beyond!