School Hours

School Hours

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we start to prepare for the upcoming 2022-20223 school year, we wanted to share the school time schedule, which is below. Please take special note that Kindergarten will be moving back to the same school day hours as Grades First through Fourth. We will be developing arrival and dismissal procedures, which will be shared once they are finalized.

We hope you and your family enjoy your summer and remember to read, play, and discover with your children!

School Time Schedule:

PreSchool:  Drop off: 8:10 

       Class begins:         8:25

       Dismissal: 2:25        Early Dismissal:     11:15

Kindergarten - Fourth Grade:  Drop off:        7:45 Class begins:        8:00 Dismissal:        2:45 Early Dismissal: 11:45

If you have any questions, please contact the main office at 609-738-6301. To report an absence please call 609-738-6302.


Teri Cioffi and Jason Danley