Visiting Endeavour School

appleParents are welcome to join their student for lunch any day of the week. Please check with the classroom teacher for specific lunch times. Parents must sign-in at the Main Office prior to going to the multipurpose room.

Parents are welcome to visit our school, however, appointments must be made with the classroom teacher and Main Office prior to arrival.

To ensure a safe, secure, and orderly learning environment, visitors to the Endeavour School campus must adhere to the visitation procedures below.

  1. Visitors must report to the main office upon arriving on campus - this includes dropping off supplies and lunch. To gain entrance to the building, you may be asked to face the camera, state your name, and the reason for your visit.

  2. If your visit is for a classroom celebration, event, or meeting you will need to report to the Main Office. Main Office staff may ask additional clarifying questions and/or request photo identification to document your identity.

  3. Once granted access, visitors will be asked to sign in to the Visitor Log and wear a “Visitor Badge”  in order to move through the building to the intended destination. Visitors have access only to the destination indicated on the Visitor Log.