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Food in School

Increasing numbers of students with a variety of food allergies and new School Nutrition Program guidelines have caused us to take a careful look at our policies and practices for serving food in the classroom. Here at North Hanover Schools, we have several students who have life-threatening allergies to peanuts, tree nuts and nut products, as well as eggs, dairy and other foods. Exposure to these products may require the administration of epinephrine, as well as a hospital visit. We also have new School Nutrition Program Guidelines that require that any foods served during the school day, for any reason, meet certain requirements.

In order to assure the safety of our students, and to ensure that we are meeting all required guidelines, our nurses have worked diligently to provide you with a list of foods that are appropriate for most of our classroom celebrations like birthday parties, holiday events, etc. When planning for these occasions, please select foods that are from this list, or contact your child’s school cafeteria for foods they are able to supply for the occasion. All ingredient labels must be on the product and whole label must be able to be read. If your teacher has notified you that there is a food allergy in your child’s class that includes a product that you find on the list, we ask that you kindly make another selection. Absolutely no home baked goods or home cooked foods can be shared here at any North Hanover Twp. elementary school during parties, celebrations or special activities. If homemade foods are brought in for those events they will not be served to the students.
North Hanover Township School District Acceptable food list

Fresh Veggies or Fresh Veggie Tray
Fresh Fruit
Fruit Cups- Motts, Delmonte
Applesauce cups-Mussulmen’s, Motts
Fruit Snacks – Motts, Ocean Spray, Sunkist
Dried Fruit Packaged snacks
Cheese slices
Cheese tray
Water bottles, 100% fruit juice
Philly Pretzel Factory Tray- Rivet Tray (3-4 each) or Mini Pretzel Tray (1 each) (no dips) contain wheat and whey (dairy) (processed with dairy, poppy and sesame products)
UTZ – Sourdough Special, Extra Dark Sourdough, Unsalted Sourdough Special, and Butter Waffles (all contain wheat and milk) and Extra Thin (contain Wheat)
ALL UTZ products are manufactured with Sesame Seeds
Rold Gold- Fat-free Tiny Twists, Honey Mustard Tiny Twists, Thins (all contain Wheat)
Bachman- Rolled Rods, Thin and Right, Original Twists (all contain wheat)
Potato Chips
UTZ- Baked Original, Baked Tangy BBQ, Baked Ripple Cut (contain Soy and Manufactured with Milk) and Baked Sour Cream and Onion Ripple Cut (Contain Soy and Milk)
Lays- Original, Lightly Salted and Deli Style
Tortilla Chips
UTZ- White Corn, Yellow Corn, Baked Bite Size (manufactured with milk, wheat and Soy)
Tostitos- SIMPLY Tostitos Yellow or Blue, Oven Baked Scoops, Original Restaurant Style
Bachman-Air popped Popcorn, Lite Air Popped and Butter (contains milk)
UTZ- Butter, White Cheddar (both contain milk)
Skinny Pop- Original, black pepper, sweet and cheddar(natural ingredients no milk)
Pita Chips
Stacy’s – Simply Naked, Multigrain, Cinnamon Sugar
Tostitos - Mild Salsa
Sabra - Homestyle Salsa
Ortega - Homestyle mild, Thick and Chunky mild
Sabra - Guacamole,
Sabra - Greek Yogurt Dip, Crisp Bell Pepper or Diced Onion (All contain milk)
Tostitos - Zesty Taco Dip
Kraft - Ranch Dressing (contains milk)
Good Seasons - Light Honey Dijon with grey Poupon Dressing (hard to find)
Kens - Balsamic with Honey Dressing
Sabra- Basil Pesto, Classic, Roasted Garlic (contain ground Sesame seeds)
Athenos- Original, Greek Style, Roasted Garlic (contain ground Sesame seeds)
Tribe- Zesty Spice and Garlic, Classic, Roasted Garlic (contain ground Sesame seeds)
Keebler Club - Multgrain, Original
Keebler Graham - Original, Cinnamon, Honey Grahams
Keebler Townhouse- Original, Wheat
Cheezit- original (milk)
Goldfish- original (milk)
Jell-O- Pudding - Chocolate, Vanilla
Swiss Miss Pudding - Chocolate, Vanilla
Frozen Juice or Fruit Pops-
Dole- Fruit and Juice Bars
Edy’s- Fruit Bars
Whole Fruit- Fruit Bars
Please check with the school nurse about allergens before purchasing product
Yogurt Low fat
Yoplait- Vroom Vanilla, Dora Strawberry and Mickey Mouse Strawberry Banana
Stoneyfield Yo Kids- Strawberry-Vanilla, Banana-Strawberry
Chobani Champion Tubes- Jammin Strawberry, Rockin Blueberry
Chobani Champion Cups- Orange-Vanilla, Banana-Honey
All Non-Fat or Low-fat Yogurts are usually acceptable BUT Please check with school nurse
before purchasing due to specific fruit allergens
These are additional treats outside the scope of healthy but safe. Sugar is not the first
Barnum Animal Crackers
Oreos- Regular and Golden
Fig Newtons (contain milk)
Rice Krispie Treats (contain milk)
Jello cups
Chips Ahoy Chunky and Regular
Keebler Vanilla wafers

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