Our Classroom

Our Blue Bunnies Classroom

In our preschool program, we follow the Tools of the Mind curriculum.  Tools of the Mind Curriculum encourages students to become a successful learners by allowing them to develop the social-emotional, cognitive, academic, and self-regulatory "tools" they need to reach their best potential.  

A large part of our day is our Make Believe Play Block.  During this time, students have the option of picking a center they want to play in.   Before they play, they "play plan" and create an intentional plan of what they are going to do when they get to that center.  Another highlight of our day is graphics practice, our handwriting program, where we use dry erase markers and white boards to develop our fine motor coordination  and self-regulatory skills.

Every morning we do activities in small groups with a focus on literacy, fine motor, math, and science.  We read stories,  have a snack, play plan and make believe play.  Students develop gross motor  and language skills by dancing and singing to  Go Noodle songs shown on our interactive whiteboard. 

For our Blue Bunnies class:
11:45-12:10 is recess
12:10-12:30 is lunch
12:30-1:30 is bathroom/rest/quiet time

Tuesday mornings: Jammin Jenn Music Class with Ms. Haley